This is the company of Jouke Waleson. I can help you with your technical challenges. I can not help you with building a beautiful website.

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What the heck is a Fractional CTO?

An experienced CTO that works for your company a fraction of his/her time. You can use them for coaching, supervision, managing smaller teams, interim assignments or special projects that need some firepower.

Why am I a Fractional CTO?

After working for just two companies for 12 years, I decided I want to spend a couple of years exploring different organizations without a long-term commitment, while still being involved in complex technical and organizational challenges. By this point in early 2024 I've been doing it for a year and I love it. I'm different from normal freelancers in that I care a lot more and that I'm a trusted advisor to the CEO / management team.

What can I help you with?

As someone who has been in a hyper-growth company, as well as in a struggling startup in a highly regulated industry, I've seen a lots of ups and downs. As a software engineer, CTO, and Product Manager I've worked with all aspects of a software business. With this experience I can help you with a lot of things. Here are some examples of what I can help with:

Technology strategy At some point in your company's growth, you will need to make long-term technical decisions. Either about your tech stack, architecture, or software team. Your own team might not have the experience to make these decisions, or you might want to do a reality check to ensure it's the right approach. I can help you with that.

Status quo / due diligence Your company is doing well, but you feel that you are not moving forward or moving fast enough. You are not sure what is holding you back. I can do an analysis of your team, your product and your technology and advise you. If you are on the investor side I can also do this as a DD project.

Interim CTO Your CTO left or is on leave and you need someone to fill in the gap. I can cover the position ad-interim and also help you with hiring a new CTO.

Technical team coaching Your team is not performing as you would like, or the team feels like they need some guidance. As a hands-on technology expert as well as an experienced manager, I can almost always help teams grow.

Power projects You have a project that is critical to your company, but you are not sure if your team can handle it. I can help you with the project management, architecture, and if needed, actual coding.

CTO coaching if you are a CTO and you want to grow, I can help you with that. I can help you with your personal development, your team, and your technology.


My specialties are:

How does it work?

It's simple. You contact me, we have a chat, and if we both feel that we can work together and it fits our schedules and your budget, we can start.

Sometimes I doubt whether I'll have work next quarter, but since I started in 2023 I've been fully booked with just a single LinkedIn post in the beginning. So don't wait too long.


I work on an hourly or project basis (this is a fixed price for well-scoped projects, like building an ISMS, a Due Diligence). My hourly rate depends on the complexity and urgency of the work, as well as commitment (long-term means a lower hourly rate, short term a higher one). I'm based in the Netherlands and prefer to work on-site.

Contact me

Need some help? Contact me via [email protected] or call me at +31 6 4114 6852.